Let’s join hands to curb crimes, preserve peace


TANZANIA is known as a haven of peace and has for eons been praised for remaining stable in a region that has seen some of her neighbours having a brush with instability, terrorism and disturbances.

The country has undoubtedly remained an envy of many and the influx of refugees from our neighbours stand witness to the fact that peace is the nation’s second name. It is unfortunate, however, that there have been pockets of incidents that are bent to tarnish the image of the country.

The increasing wave of crime is not only worrying especially to ‘wananchi,’ but also is a time bomb that is most likely to explode.

The Parliament on Friday raised concern of the increasing felony, a move that saw the Speaker of the National Assembly Job Ndugai directing the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence and Security to meet with security organs to assess and acquire more information on the increasing spate of crimes in the country.

The recent crimes that came into mind include the shooting of Singida East MP, Mr Tindu Lissu (Chadema), by unknown assailants on Thursday near his home area, the recent kidnapping and killing of two children in Arusha and the Kibiti saga, just but to mention a few.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro vowed to track down all those involved in the shooting incident, but was also quick to call for public cooperation in the issue.

He also warned against dissemination of inciting and false information on social media as it may disrupt investigations and at the same time disrupting peace. IGP Sirro could not have said it better because those who commit the crimes are not from the moon, but are our fellow ‘wananchi.’

This, therefore, means we have the ability to help curb the vice. Criminals are part and parcel of the society and Good Samaritans should volunteer information to the police or responsible security organs for the criminals to be tracked and facilitate the law to take its own course.

It is impossible for a crime to be committed and it remains unknown by one or two members of the society.

It is therefore vital that as a country we unite to make sure that such crimes are nipped in the bud. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator is your father, mother, relative or friend, a crime remains a crime regardless of who committed it and it should be reported.

The law enforcers should also do the needful to protect whistle blowers and where necessary give incentives.

We can’t continue watching when our hard earned peace is being eroded. Let’s all stand with one voice and make sure this social anomaly is done with, once and for all.

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