Mighty Popo to launch French gala with music


REFUGEE survivor the Mighty Popo is expected to present his music to local audience this coming Monday.

This has been arranged as part of the ‘French Speaking Week’ official launch here. His music is said to be ‘steeped in African tradition’ for which he is being rated as one of Canada, his adopted home, ‘greatest’ rising stars.

“We are expecting him to arrive late on Sunday night from Canada for this single performance and will be flying out of the country on Tuesday,” the Cultural Officer of the local Alliance Francaise venue, Abel Shuma, told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday.

Apart from this performance to launch the week’s celebration, there is scheduled to be film shows, competitions and sport tournaments taking place here and in Arusha Region, courtesy of locally-based French-speaking country representatives.

These events, Shuma said, have been programmed to actually mark the climax of the year, which is traditionally organised around March 20. Throughout the week, French-speaking embassies will be offering a variety of programmes which will be widely opened to the public.

Together with the above-mentioned activities, there will also be screenings of French-language films, with English sub-titles that have been proposed by French-speaking country members.

“Cultural diversity is the wealth of the Francophone, which is a language shared by different people, who know and recognise each other through their belonging to a common space,” he explained.

The cultural officer supported this claim by saying more than 50 per cent of those people who use French daily are Africans. These number twenty-seven countries, which is half of the continent’s states.

On a wider scale, there are about 275 million French-speaking people in the world and demographic projections indicate this number will grow to 700 million by 2050.

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