Cultural tourism mirrored in Tulia Dance festival

TULIA Trust Founder, Tulia Ackson (left), speaks to media yesterday, when officially launching the 2018 Festival (TTDF) at the Regional Commissioner’s office. Right is Air Tanzania Corporation(ATC) Chief Executive Officer, Ladislaus Matindi and Acting Cultural Director from the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Lilian Beleko. (Photo by Mohamed Mambo)


DEPUTY Speaker, Tulia Ackson has said one of the strategies of retaining number of tourists who enter in the country is to promote the cultural activities including traditional dances.

Giving the reflection of Tulia Traditional Dances Festival 2017 and announcing the upcoming 2018 event at Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Tulia said the cultural activities not only help to promote the country worldwide, but also act as attractions to foreign tourists.

“When they visit our various tourist destinations, they see various animals which they can decide to see them in another country in the next years…but our cultural activities will enable them to come back in the country.

The Deputy speaker said tourism is one of the economic activities that contribute to the economy of the country hence it should be sustainable to help the country fights against poverty.

After managed to bring approximately 89 traditional dances comprised of 1,650 dancers and 35,000 spectators to Tukuyu in Mbeya Region under Tulia Traditional Dances Festival 2017, the founder of Tulia Trust said that the next year event will involve traditional dances from all 31 regions from Mainland and Isles.

“Apart from thanking all stakeholders who supported this year’s festival, I take this opportunity to speak about 2018 festival to give participants more time for preparation,” Tulia added.

She said Cultural officers from all 31 regions will coordinate the competition of traditional dances in the districts to get the right groups which will participate in the 2018 festival.

“This year, we provided motorcycles and cash for the winners. We plan to link traditional dance groups to big hotels…all these help to eradicate poverty,” she said.

Meanwhile, acting director of culture at Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Lilian Beleko said the policy of the country has put it clear that every Tanzanian has the right to participate in the cultural activities in the country.

Beleko who represented Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Juliana Shonza, said Tulia Trust is supporting the country in implementing the policy telling regional and district cultural officers “to raise awareness in their respective areas and prepare people to take part in the next festival.”

Beleko added that the linking of the culture and tourism is also the ministry’s focus, saying the trust is supporting the country in translating policy into actuality.

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