Miss Tanzania beauty contest hangs in balance


THE Miss Tanzania beauty pageant grand final which is planned to be staged at the end of next month hangs in balance due to the lack of sponsorship.

According to the Miss Tanzania Organising Committee spokesman, Aidan Ricco, the organisers of the pageant, Lino International Agency is currently struggling to restore the status and image of the event which was among the eye-catching beauty pageants in East Africa.

“We have been struggling to find sponsors who will enable us to facilitate our budget so as we can be able to stage a classic grand finale as we have been doing lately before the event lost its attraction from various sponsors and supporters due to various problems emerged in 2014,” he disclosed.

He as well unveiled that despite the challenges, the organising committee is working round the clock to seek sponsorship from various firms so as to rescue the event which has yet to fully regain its colour since 2014 when the National Arts Council slapped it a two-year suspension.

“The suspension has deeply affected us as after it, its major sponsors pulled out,” he noted. However, Ricco said Lino Agency International came in to be become the Miss Tanzania’s licensed organizers after the suspension was lifted.

Things are not as they were before the suspension as it ruined the whole image of the beauty pageants.

The organisers also confirmed to have an uphill task when they staged the Last year finale in Mwanza, the first ever event to be staged outside Dar es Salaam. Miss Konondoni, Diana Edward who won the title, was awarded a Toyota IST car.

Previously, Miss Tanzania had enjoyed a support from big sponsorship like Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), Vodacom Tanzania and Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC) respectively to acquire the names of Redds Miss Tanzania 2012, Vodacom Miss Tanzania and Aspen Miss Tanzania.

The Miss Tanzania organising committee has called upon sponsors and other beauty stakeholders to come forward and support the event from grass root level. Meanwhile the National Arts Council (NAC) has suspended the organiser of Miss Mbeya Beauty Pageant for violating regulations.

NAC Executive Secretary, Godfrey Mngereza unveiled yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the council has suspended for the unknown period the organiser of Miss Mbeya, Edward Majura, who last month conducted Miss Mbeya beauty pageant contest under his firm Click Media Entertainment, but failed to fulfill the agreement they reached with some of the contestants.

Apart from that, the agent has also failed to register with NAC so as to fulfill the conditions of getting the legitimacy to run the beauty pageants.

In another development Mngereza has affirmed that the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant contest is still there as the organisers Lino International Agency has been granted a temporary licence to conduct the Miss Tanzania pageant after meeting conditions set by the government.

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