Deputy Speaker hails Arts Festival

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dr Tulia Ackson


LOADS of congratulatory words were showered on the organisers of the 36th Bagamoyo Festival of Arts and Culture, by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dr Tulia Ackson. Before officially closing the eight-day annual event, last Saturday, in the capacity as Guest of Honour, she praised the institution for being able to put on such a “big event successfully”.

“It is an open fact that you have done a very good work over these eight days, for which we compliment the Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture (TaSUBa).

I’ll also take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, for the way in which they worked handin- hand with the Institute. This enabled them to bring people here and from even far away countries,” Dr Ackson said.

She then went on to praise all the artists, who participated in the festival, in one way or another. Their contribution, towards entertaining and displaying their skills, made it possible for all those present from here in Bagamoyo and afar, to benefit greatly.

Dr Ackson suggested that since TaSUBa is a learning establishment for Arts and Culture, as time passes-by the festival is sure to get better and better, simply because students there are continually being taught to improve on the present. Words of thanks was also given to the Visual Arts artists, who kept an exhibition going throughout the festival, for their immeasurable contribution, to the festival in general.

Stakeholders, who provided physical support and those who gave their time by coming to the event, were also praised for this. Added to this, the Deputy Speaker, also asked them not to stop but to continue so they can build a working experience in this capacity, which will help local Art grow.

Before finishing her address Dr Ackson reminded those present that although she was officially closing the function late in the afternoon, it is after the evening’s stage performances that it is actually ending.

Therefore, she encouraged them to return for the evening’s performances. That was after urging TaSUBa’s management to make sure they review the entire festival, so as they can identify any areas of weaknesses there might have been. That way future episodes stand a chance of being even better.

It certainly seems that her words were being adhered to, because the auditorium was literally packed to capacity in the evening.

One hour after the stage shows started even the stairways along the auditorium’s wings, were full of people standing. Yes, TaSUBa’s 36 episode of this Arts and Culture festival certainly drew record crowds.

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