Minister assures protection of artistic works


DEPUTY Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Anastazia Wambura, has reiterated the government’s resolve to protect artistic works, calling on other stakeholders to join the efforts.

Wambura underlined the government’s resolve at a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, when introducing new programme dubbed ‘Creative Talent Management Programme (CTMP)’ under Tanzania Christian Deliberation Bureau (TCDB) that intended to protect artistic works.

“Art has virtual contribution in our society, we can see the impact of arts at the early age of our children. You will see a child painting, singing or even dancing to entertain others,” she said. The deputy minister said art is also used to influence development activities, comfort people.

“Arts is also used in promoting culture and also to restore culture and most important jobs are generated through arts,” she said. Expounding further she said, the industry is also contributing in national income, adding in some countries, artistic works has a significant contribution in national income after being formalised.

She said the government was losing revenues from industry because most of the artistic are not registered and formalised by the government.

However, she said, through the new programme, the government will have clear data on a number of artists existing in the country that will also help the government to collect revenues from the sector. In near future, TCDB will formalise artistic works, which will help local artists to run their works in more professional way.

“The government supports all initiates that are intended to safe guard interests of local artists, we are ready to give you support,” assured the deputy minister. On his side, TCDB president, Carolus Bujimu said formalization of the sector was important to make sure artistic works are protected. “It is easier to protect artists’ work if he or she is officially recognised,” he stressed.

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