Mwakyembe wants ‘clean TFF’

MINISTER of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe.


IT is not all over for winners of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) General Elections held here yesterday, as an investigation will be conducted to find out if they won cleanly.

This was said shortly prior to the election, by the Head of Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Dodoma Musa Chaulo. Insisting that they will continue to probe if corrupt means were used by the winners to attain power and proper action taken against any, who will be found guilty.

“We are serious on this matter and we will not let any stone unturned…it is time our football is led by clean leaders,” said Chaulo.

On top of that Minister for information, Arts, Culture and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe said the new leadership had to take oath of office under the State Attorney from the Office of Registrar of Sports Associations and Clubs.

The objective, Minister Mwakyembe said, was to make sure that the new leaders will support and defend the federation’s constitutions in respect of offices they hold and they will work in accordance with the federation code of conduct.

Officially gracing the federation’s General Assembly, that preceded the election at St Gasper Hotel here yesterday, Minister Mwakyembe spoke strongly against using corruption to gain power into sports associations.

“We want leaders, who clearly know that the government, FIFA (World soccer governing body) and CAF (Confederation of African Football) do not embrace corruption,” said the minister.

Mwakyembe warned delegates to the meeting, saying they should fulfill their constitutional rights by voting wisely and pick credible leaders. He said leaders with unquestionable integrity will help turn around the country’s football fortunes.

He told delegates to elect visionary leaders, who will work tirelessly to take the country’s football to the top level, ending misery of missing out in elite tournaments such as Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and World Cup finals. Minister Mwakyembe assured the new leaders that the government will continue to work hand in hand with the federation to improve football infrastructure around the country.

He also assured the delegates that the government will continue to respect the sovereignty of all sports associations but also alerting them to follow and respect the country’s laws.

Representative from FIFA Veron Massengo–Omba from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) read a message from the FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, saying he wishes the delegates a peaceful election.

He also asked the new leaders to lead the federation out of corruption and mismanagement scandals. Similar message was delivered by CAF representative to the meeting, Suleiman Waberi, who is a Member of the continental football body Executive Committee and President of Djibouti Football Federation.

“It is a great day for football in Tanzania but I call upon delegates to this meeting to elect leaders with great integrity and vision to propel the country football ahead,” he said.

He further said that CAF President Ahmad Ahmad was closely following the proceedings in Tanzania and wished the country best of luck in picking new leaders, who will be in charge of the federation for the next four years.

At least 130 delegates to the meeting had cast their votes electing a president, vice-president and members of the executive committee after months of uncertainty over the credentials of some candidates and a week of tight campaigning.

Shortly before candidates were summoned before delegates to the meeting to make their final call to be voted into office, the Chairman of the TFF Election Committee, Advocate Revocatus Kuuli announced that Steven Mwakibolwa, who was contesting for the Vice- President post had pulled out of the race but without going into further details.

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