Zuma hangs by a thread

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South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) has given President Jacob Zuma 48 hours to resign, local media reported.

After a 13-hour meeting on Monday, Aljazeera wrote “the ANC's National Executive Committee is said to have asked Zuma to step down and allow for transition of power.”

It has been reported that Zuma refused to do so, setting the scene for the extraordinary prospect of the party having to publicly recall him from office.

The embattled President faces hundreds of corruption charges but has previously vowed to stay in office until his term ends next year.

One of the recent scandals ‘eating’ President Zuma is giving favour to an Indian immigrant family known as the Guptas, in what became known as the state capture scandal.

Zuma joined the ANC in 1958 and is considered one of the party stalwarts. He spent time on Robben Island and lived in exile before returning to the country in 1990.

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