‘Anti-HIV adverts should be removed from Zanzibar

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CHAKECHAKE lawmaker, Mr Suleiman Sarahani Said has asked the government to abolish anti- HIV adverts from streets, saying it sends a wrong message to tourists and outside boarders.

“Why do you allow adverts warning about HIV? This indicates that it is a big problem in Zanzibar whereas the prevalence is less than one per cent,” he said during question and answer session.

He argued that it would be better to give warning using streets adverts on malaria and not HIV, because of misconception. In some places particularly, building sites, anti HIV adverts are placed. But, Mr Ali Suleiman Ali (Kijitoupele) was of the opinion that such adverts warning people about HIV are good and should be placed in market areas and other areas where people gather.

Responding to the concern, Deputy Minister of State (local government and Regional Administration) Mr Shamata Shaame Khamis, said there was no problem in placing anti-HIV adverts. But, “You are free to suggest to the authorities if you think placing anti HIV has negative impact on our country socially and economically, we can stop.”

Zanzibar is among countries that have successfully maintained a low HIV/AIDS prevalence rate since the first case was diagnosed in 1986.

The pandemic prevalence has remained below one per cent, with the number of people living with HIV estimated to be 6,393

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