PCCB dangles 10m/- bounty as anti-graft official escapes

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IT is a case of a hunter becoming the hunted when a former Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) official disappeared into thin air, escaping probe over corruption allegations levelled against him.

The anti-graft body has, however, launched a manhunt for the official, its former chief accountant, Godfrey Gugai. And to show seriousness and the determination to get him at all cost, the PCCB has availed a 10m/- bounty for anyone who will provide vital information that will lead to the netting of the official.

He, since May this year, has been under probe for possessing assets worth billions of shillings, casting a doubt since the wealth amassed does not befit his income as a civil servant.

Among others, he owns 40 properties which the court has frozen including four three-double storey buildings and normal houses, scattered all over the country, mostly in major cities -- Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and Tanga as well as other regions like Dodoma, Morogoro, Coast and Musoma.

PCCB Deputy Director Brigadier General John Mbungo told a press conference yesterday that the anti-graft body was questioning him over how he obtained the riches. “At the beginning of the investigations, Mr Gugai was cooperative, but later on after lacking explanations over how he acquired the wealth, he disappeared,” Brig Gen Mbungo said.

He said the PCCB was continuing to look for him and preliminary reports had it that he fled the country through informal borders.

“Now we have come to inform the public, seeking assistance from anyone who will see him to report to us, and we will give an award,” he said.

He stated that according to the law on prevention and combating corruption, it is a crime for a public servant to possess unexplainable assets that do not match their income. “The law will be fair if he proves that he obtained the wealth legally. The law gives us mandate to question him,” he said.

He noted that the probe on Mr Gugai was part of the current fight against all kinds of corrupt practices, money laundering and other evils. All the assets belonging to Mr Gugai have been frozen upon the court order.

Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court issued the order after granting an application by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against Mr Gugai. In the course of his employment in the public service, the respondent earned a total income of 852,183,160/46 only, but the valuation of the properties came to 3,634,961,105/02.

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