Mother leaves three-day child to peddle drugs

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A NEW mother is in custody in Pemba after she was nabbed with 3,621 pellets of heroin, estimated at over 7m/-.

North Pemba Regional Police Commander (RPC) Shekhan Mohamed Shekhan said the woman, Zuhura Ahmed Ali, 29, who has recently gave birth to a newborn, was arrested at Mbuguani area on her way from Mkoani port in South Pemba to Wete, North Pemba.

Mr Shekhan told the ‘Daily News’ by phone from Chake-chake that the Police was carrying out investigation before the accused is arraigned. He revealed that the arrested woman hid the heroine under her Islamic black dress veil also known as burqa, which covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground and it is the most concealing of all Islamic veils, but criminals have been using it to hide drugs or arms, tarnishing the image of the respected religious dress.

“Police officer who was nearby just greeted her, but in response she panicked, prompting the officer to get closer to her, and checked, only finding the heroine,” the RPC said as he called on members of the public to join hands against drugs in Pemba, by exposing people engaged in the illegal business.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) said preliminary findings indicates that the suspected drugs trafficker is an experienced woman who dared to leave her three-day old infant to go for the drugs.

He said the biological sister to the suspect also deals with selling of cannabis (bhang) drugs, suggesting that the home in Wete was known as drugs dealers, as the RPC vowed to pounce on the network.

He also said that a man identified as Haji Balozi Hassan, 35, was arrested yesterday with 241 pellets with suspected cannabis, which he was transporting from Mkaoni Port to Micheweni in the North. The suspect will be arraigned upon test findings from the Chief Chemist.

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