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TAKE it easy, says Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, urging Tanzanians to be patient, and have faith as the government investigates recent incidents of abductions and disappearances.

The premier made this call in Parliament yesterday, stressing that the government’s security organs were conducting investigation into the matter, and that they should be allowed to complete the investigations before the government could issue a statement.

“I urge Tanzanians to continue trusting in their government … one of the government’s responsibilities is to ensure that Tanzanians live in peace and in assurance of their security and that of their property at all times,” he explained.

He added that Tanzanians should allow time as state security organs continue to investigate the issue so that the root cause of the issue can be uncovered and stopped.

“We cannot just issue a public statement for now … the investigation is still underway… and we could actually lose sources that could lead us to (vital) clues (as to) why these incidents are happening. I can only urge the public to be cooperative with us more … in providing tips on the issue,” he noted.

Premier Majaliwa was responding to a question from the leader of the opposition camp, Mr Freeman Mbowe (Hai – Chadema), who wanted to know if the government would issue a statement on the abductions and disappearance of people … incidents which have created fear within the public.

Mr Mbowe said it was now six months since his own assistant, Mr Ben Saanane disappeared and that the government had not issued any statement over that issue, advising the government to engage the UK’s Scotland Yard to assist in the investigations.

“We know that the Scotland Yard is highly skilled in such matters and they even helped when Kenya was found wanting in conducting investigations into the mysterious killing of Dr Robert Ouko, then a prominent leader in that country.

“Why isn’t the government engaging the UK security organ which is highly skilled in forensic investigation, to help in investigating the incidents,” he noted.

Minister Majaliwa confirmed that the nation was in good relations with other nations, and that we cooperate in security matters with them, but stressed that the state security organs were also highly skilled in conducting investigations on the issues at hand.

“The government is not limited in any way … or form of investigation and once investigations into the incidents that took place in the country are completed, the report will be made public. We still urge Tanzanians to be patient and have trust in their government and the state security organs” he stressed.

On broadcasting Parliament sessions live, which was also asked by Mr Mbowe, Premier Majaliwa noted that Tanzanians continue receiving reports of what’s happening in the House through agreed methods, and

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