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A CHAMA cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Central Committee member who is also a Union Vice-President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, has asked party leaders and executives to present the challenges that afflict citizens to public leaders for lasting solutions.

The Vice-President made the remarks when speaking with the political branch and district committee members in South Unguja.

The directives came after the party’s Southern District Secretary Mr Hamdan Haji Machano read a report on the party manifesto’s implementation and the political situation within the district.

The report pointed out the challenges facing the residents including sexual abuse, bureaucracy, delay of case judgments as well as shortage of clean water in some areas.

The VP said the behaviour should be rebuked since it did not build the party’s strength but promoted fear among party leaders versus government officials while it was the former who put the latter into power.

“It is impossible for the citizens to face social, political and economical challenges while there are public leaders responsible to seek solutions,” said the VP, adding that: “You are the bosses of all those public leaders. It is impossible that you were the ones who brought them into power and you stay silent simply because there are unresolved challenges facing the citizens due to bureaucracy.

Call them and if they ignore your call, go to Zanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein who is also the Deputy Chairman of our party.” She also directed the leaders to present sexual abuse cases to the responsible minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs who should supervise his/her officials to carry out their duties.

The VP said all CCM members must be strong with a firm stand within and outside the party by avoiding running their institution (party) on ‘ business as usual’ concept.

She clarified that it was important to implement the concept ‘New CCM and new Tanzania’ so as to match it with the recent amendments of the party’s constitution, made with the aim of increasing efficiency within the party.

At the same time, she urged CCM members, especially the youth, who are emerging in to contest for various positions in the on-going intra-party elections at grass-root level.

Similarly, the VP insisted on CCM members’ importance of reading the party’s constitution and its rules to know their responsibilities, including discussing challenges and coming up with solutions through official meetings.

Earlier, Samia visited construction projects for two schools in Kajengwa na Kizimkazi villages, worth 217m/-, one of her pledges she declared when was Member of Parliament for Makunduchi Constituency.

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