Call is out: Safe blood, please?

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THE Institute of Tanzania- Yemen Profession Foundation (TYPF) has organized a blood donation event to be held at City Garden Hotel grounds in Dar es Salaam tomorrow.

The event is jointly organized by TYPF and Embassy of Kuwait, and is aimed at facilitating availability of safe blood to avert possible shortages across the country.

TYPF Assistant Chief Executive Swaleh Jabri said the organization had decided to introduce the idea as part of their efforts to forge partnerships with the community.

He said that they believe that the event that enjoin various individuals within Tanzania and Embassy of Kuwait would help boost access to this ‘all-important’ resource to the human body across Tanzania.

“Our Institute has been working on various important factors, so leaders and all members of TYPF and Tanzanians will this month seek to create awareness and (also) donate blood for the benefit of all people,” he said.

For his part, Dr Karima Khalid who is also an executive member of the Institute, said there was “great necessity” for all races to get motivated on blood donation to help people facing serious complications – and hence require blood transfusions.

“Today there are those who are enjoying life … because when they were sick they got support because … there are others who have contributed in the past, so I and all of you should participate and donate blood to save the needy,” he said.

TYPF is an institution that was established in order to collaborate with the community in dealing with various challenges about blood donation, believe that it is an idea that helps to substantially solve the challenges of shortage of blood.

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