Kudos to police efforts in curbing crime, accidents


THE establishment of roadside police cabins in recent years has helped to curb crime and reckless driving across the country.

Tanzania Police Force in collaboration with various stakeholders especially telecommunication and soft drinks companies have helped to increase the presence of law enforcers in various parts of the country.

The situation, in one way or other counts a lot in ensuring security to people and their properties. Various people have commended the police idea saying they have managed to go an extra mile in ensuring peace and security in the country.

Under the Swahili slogan ‘utiii wa sheria bila shuruti’, Police have so far managed to make a significant move in curbing the crime compared to the current situation of science and technology.

According to the survey conducted by this writer, some residents of Dar es Salaam believe the establishment of roadside police cabins has contributed largely in curbing crime in the city. They said the number of armed police officers has increased especially at road junctions and populated areas such as Ubungo, Tazara and Buguruni.

Other areas where security has been beefed include Mwenge, Morocco, Tegeta, Mbagala Rangi Tatu, Mtongani and many other areas in the city. “I can say robbery related incidents have gone down in recent years. There is no longer robbery taking place at highway junctions because of the presence of law enforcers,” said the resident of Mwenge, Asha Mapundi.

She added that before the establishment of roadside police cabin, the busy junctions such as Ubungo, Mwenge and Tazara were dangerous spots for innocent ‘wananchi’. She said robbers were grabbing people’s mobile phones, handbags and money, and then run away confidently. “As we talk right now, all these places are under close watch of law enforcers, such acts are not given chance to take place,” she said.

This writer on the cabin looking attentively to by-passers to ensure peace and security prevail all the time. Moreover, the number of road accidents in the city has been reported going down from time to time due to the presence of law enforcers in various parts of the city.

Reckless drivers have been always arrested and punished in accordance to the law. According to Sgt Mwadini Jamal a traffic officer the rate of accidents has gone down because of the presence of roadside police cabins and police officers along the roads for almost 24 hours. He said 24 hours police patrols have also strengthened security and road safety in the city and across the country.

Apart from all these successes, still some wananchi highlight challenges that need to be resolved to make things look better. They said police need to respond quickly when they are called by ‘wananchi’ to offer support in case of criminal incident in their areas.

They added that corruption accusations among traffic police are another big problem that tarnishes the force’s image. There is no doubt that majority Tanzanians appreciate good job by police officers across the country. However, it is high time for the officers to resolve some of the challenge to ensure there is no loophole for criminals

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