‘My Country First’ means hard work

THE principle of political participation in elections has been a core value among Tanzanians when it comes to choosing leaders.


THE ‘My Country First’ campaign, a national drive towards renewal of our core values, demands that all Tanzanians must now contribute, support and inspire President John Magufuli in his efforts to create the age of restoration in Tanzania.

All hands must be on deck to create a marvel out of Tanzania. It is time now, for all of us, to join hands in polishing our Tanzania, which currently can be likened to a rough diamond, into a fine, sparkling, dazzling diamond for display to the entire world.

The history of the Tanzanian independence movement provides ample evidence of Tanzanians as patriots and participants in the struggle against foreign domination, alongside the other pioneers of the independence struggle in various parts of the country.

The post-independence period principally centred on people’s interests and the safety of the state, the perpetuation of national development, the moral and ethical values and the national identity. The principle of Rationality of Man holds that man is an intelligent being and is therefore able to discuss and evaluate issues, to arrive at decisions beneficial to the society.

Because of this principle, differences of opinion can be discussed and different points of view considered in reasonable manner. Persuasion in this regard becomes a technique in making people accept a view point. Enlightened understanding is crucial to make all citizens have equal right to know all relevant policies and programmes.

A solid foundation on patriotism and nationalism will enable Tanzanians love their country, build solidarity and lead peaceful lives without being divided on ideological, political, religious, racial and tribal lines. This solidarity would lead to unity among the people in safeguarding their country.

The Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sport through the Department of Cultural Development bears the responsibility of supervising and coordinating all matters relating to culture through the Department of Culture Development.

In collaboration with the Mpoto Theatre Gallery and other stakeholders, the ministry will coordinate “USIKU WA KITENDAWILI”, an annual event which would be undertaken in conjunction with the Mwalimu Nyerere Death Anniversary.

This event is aimed at highlighting the founder president’s underlying philosophy and principles on patriotism and nationalism. This is to ensure that the ‘My Country First’ campaign becomes sustainable in mobilising Tanzanians to imbibe the spirit of patriotism, waging a relentless anti-graft crusade, combating the depletion of natural resources, curbing irresponsibility among public officials, and fighting tax evasion and incompetence.

The goal is to build confidence among Tanzanians in defending and fighting for their country. The campaign would be unveiled in Dar es Salaam on Friday and continue to be marked in October every year as part of the remembrance of the Mwalimu Nyerere Death Anniversary.

Through this forum, it is hoped that the message would reach the masses at the grassroots on the importance of patriotism and nationalism. The campaign’s inaugural ceremony would attract current and retired leaders and representatives of various religious, traditional and civil society organisations.

The campaign is expected to go down to regions and districts under the supervision of Regional and District Commissioners, according to the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports. It is hoped Tanzania would unite in carrying out development projects as every government action, policy and programme would reflect their wishes as patriots and nationalists.

The Ministry of Information would mobilise artistes and other stakeholders to carry out the campaign nationwide as a deliberate measure to create awareness among the populace. Member of the Committee which coordinates the campaign would hold discussion with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Education on the possibility of introducing civic education beginning at nursery to higher learning institutions.

Patriotism Clubs (Klabu za Kizalendo) would also be established beginning at primary to secondary school levels. The path to self-reliance and self-sufficiency in a country demands new thinking, new approach and new orientation, so we must accept the fact that all citizens must take part honestly in the development of our great country.

We must also hold firmly that progress cannot take place in the midst of plenty, luxury, enjoyment and merriment. We ought to accept the truth that necessity is the mother of invention and that development usually takes place in difficult situation, inwant, in-need and in seriousness of purpose with dint of hard work.

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