Assurance of 100pc essential medicines availability laudable


MEDICINAL drugs form an important part of human existence as they go a long way not only in restoring health in sick people but also to prevent them inform of immunization.

This therefore means that availability of drugs is something that should not be questionable but guaranteed for any nation to have a health population. Though facing some inevitable challenges, the government in this country has worked hard to ensure availability of drugs especially to the ordinary man and the rural folk.

It is unfortunate that history has it that there has been some unscrupulous medical staff who created artificial shortages at medical centres for their pharmacies across the road to benefit. Though this has become a thing of the past during this Fifth Phase government, more glitches are set to disappear as the Medical Stores Department (MSD) has put in place plans to ensure 100 per cent availability of essential medicines come March next year.

The government’s medical supplier also aspires to upswing revenue generation by 48 per cent from the current 244bn/- to 360bn/- in the next three years through more sales of drugs and medical equipment. The assurance came on Tuesday when the MSD launched a new Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) to be implemented in three years up to 2020.

The MSD Acting Director for Finance, Mr Sako Mwakalobo said that the strategies were put in a way that by next year, the country will see all 135 essential medicines being available by 100 per cent. This is a positive move as it goes a long way in alleviating the suffering of ordinary people who do not have enough resources to go out of their way and source the medicines if they are not available in their area.

It is important, however to note that MSD and the government alone cannot accomplish this without the support of various workers in key areas and the public in general. It is well known that there are some unscrupulous medical practitioners who might try to take advantage and divert the drugs or sabotage the whole process for their personal benefit, so there is need to put in place follow up measures that will make sure that this goal is achieved.

The general public on the other hand can play a pivotal role in curbing the problem by reporting all hospitals, or health centres that will go without drugs for a long time. They should also report any suspected fishy dealings with drugs and make sure that they get medicines every time they seek treatment.

It is important, therefore, that everyone plays his or her part to ensure a sustainable and stable supply of drugs for the benefit of the general public and make sure that the government through the MSD, achieves the target of 100 percent supply of vital drugs, come next year.

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