Given that SGR is in place, industrialisation is possible


AS the fifth phase government embarks on seeing into it that the country is industrialised, employs its youth and manufacture products which can sustain its population, hats should be off to President John Pombe (JPM) for putting into consideration first transport network.

People especially workers who live big cities or any area, where there are lots of commuters on the roads, are probably familiar with the effects of traffic congestion to workplace on time, and for this matter know also what the gridlock has on their personal lives, career, future and even safety.

The list may be long, but the recent pronouncement that the government will soon launch the second phase of the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line to link the commercial city of Dar Es Salaam with the capital Dodoma, the new administrative hub is timely.

Making the announcement, the minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Prof Makame Mbarawa while opening the Eight East and Central Africa Roads and Rail Infrastructure Summit in Dar Es Salaam said it will likely miminise unnecessary delays on the roads for people, products and services being transferred from one area to another with ease and that is definitely development.

It will equally, this second phase, stretch from Morogoro to Dodoma, a distance of 336 kilometres and when completed, Tanzania will introduce a fast and modern train with a speed of 160kph while the freight train will have a top speed of 120kph.

It is common sense that delays as a result of traffic jams or congestions on the roads is additional stress to the workforce and make them report late for work or in the afternoon rush hour again, frustrates because after the workday, one wants to rush home and relax with the family.

Along the same vein, it becomes difficult for them to estimate travel times and budget and will always budget with a notion of “just in case” the traffic is bad and what crops in is unpredictable people and unpredictable time, yet time is money.

Equally, it will address unnecessary fuel consumption and pollution since the act of stopping and starting in traffic jams burns fuel at a higher rate than the smooth rate of travel on the open highway.

This increase in fuel consumption costs commuters additional money for fuel and it also contributes to the amount of emissions released by the vehicles into the air.

With that in mind, unnecessary road carnages will be reduced and when there are emergencies for assistance, with dialing 911 and requesting for police assistance, an ambulance or fire truck response will be fast enough because traffic congestions will no longer danger their wade to offer protection.

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