Make better use of 20-team league


INCREASING the number of the topflight league teams from the current 16 to 20 next season, has been among the changes unveiled by Tanzania Football Federation (TFFF), fine!

This change is according to a TFF statement, which is aimed at making the Mainland Premier League cope with the big European football leagues which are customary and governed by a 20- team system.

Already, the local topflight league tried to have a season calendar almost like the big leagues in names of La Liga, EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga or Ligue 1, whose season normally starts from August and ends in May.

The decision to increase the number of teams in the topflight league was reached by the federation Executive Committee that was convened in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday this week.

Following the changes in the regulations, two teams will be relegated from the Premier League this season and six teams from the First Division League will be promoted into the top flight league.

The changes, which would take effect from 2019, would mean an increase in the number of teams, hence also an increase in number of venues and playing hours.

The change might look a relief to some of the teams, but the whole set up forces the management to be adept in preseason planning of the fixture, maintaining it and react accordingly when interruptions occur.

Postponement of games due to the national team or clubs engaged in the regional or continental level assignments is obvious and sometimes posed problems. We would also suggest to TFF to ensure the 20-team system heading into our league should be well promoted similarly to the matches especially in the new venues.

Guided by experience, attendance has been declining countrywide for the matches and don’t involve big clubs, therefore, while thinking of adding more teams, TFF should, as well, think better and mean to promote the league itself, its games, teams and players and enable it appeal to more sponsors and capacity audience, or else everything will be in a pipedream.

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