Aim higher, there is bright future Majimaji festival


IT may just look a small social event, but the ongoing Majimaji Selebuka festival seems to head for a bright future.

Opening its third edition with thrilling 42km full marathon and the 21km half marathon, both races involving the country’s top runners, the festival will climax with yet another Olympic class event; cycling, scheduled to cover over 100 kilometres.

Though only a few Tanzanians see it as worthy innovation, the majority of Tanzanians, especially those firmly glued to football magic might not see it as essential move that supports the nationwide campaign to win medals in Olympic Games of Japan in 2020.

Though it’s far from the highly paying Grand Prix or Golden League events, the festival organisers--Tanzania Mwandi Company Limited in association with Songea- Mississippi (SOMI) at least managed to offer cash prizes to the best ten runners of both marathons.

Adding a dimension to the race success, the best two finishers, Emanuel Samson and Fabiola William won tickets to compete in the Cape Town Marathon set for South Africa in April next year.

What again evidences the bright future of the festival is the presence of powerful sponsors who have contributed much to the event’s sky-high success.

There are big names such as NMB Bank, Bakhresa Group, JICA, Mwandi and DAORA School, as the power behind the event’s success. What’s next for the festival after recording remarkable success sooner than expected can be an important point to ponder for the next festivals.

We would like to inform all Tanzanians that all big events that today herald the global sports news began as simple events that meant for a small community, but good publicity and strong backing heightened them to the global status.

We believe Majimaji Selebuka can go further than its national level status.

What else the organisers need to upgrade it from a national level to the international status, with all powerful backers aboard? The ball is in the organisers’ hand to make this goal achievable.

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