Your crocodile tears will not douse flames of anticorruption fight


THE business community plays a pivotal role in the development of any economy, forcing governments throughout the world to strive for investment friendly environment.

Leaders go out of their way to ensure peace, stability and conducive laws that help the business sector to thrive and bear fruit. It is unfortunate, however, that despite the government extending an olive branch, opening doors and doing everything in their power to promote businesses, some businesspeople do the opposite.

They simply bite the hand that feeds them and do what the Swahili term ‘shukurani za punda.’ Having amassed wealth, some businesspeople become thick heads, thinking that their money can buy them anything including power to evade the law.

They engage themselves in filthy practices to amass more wealth at the expense of the government that created the good environment in the first place. They involve themselves in corrupt activities, money laundering, drug trafficking, thievery of natural resources and all sorts of social rot.

And, the fifth phase government has taken a no nonsense approach as it continues to cut the tails of such unscrupulous businesspeople and their political accomplices.

The government has been hailed from all corners of the country for cracking down vice and all those dirty dealings by greedy people. The government through the Tanzania Revenue Authority has failed to meet set targets when it comes to revenue collection due to these dirty dealings.

This has a ripple effect as it denies wananchi access to social services that are supposed to be funded through taxpayers’ money. Some businesspeople in this country have been evading taxes, getting unwarranted tax exemptions and externalization of funds just but to mention a few. These reverse the gains of development, leading to stagnation of government development activities.

This rot cannot continue unchecked and that’s why some of the culprits cry foul and are quick to flash the victimisation card. These businessmen should know that corruption is a social ill that cripples development, and there is no government worth its salt that will leave such madness to blossom.

These unscrupulous people might continue making noise, hiding behind their thin fingers but the government will keep on flushing them out, and will leave no stone unturned. The fact that they have money, does not catapult them above the law.

They should either shape up or ship out and Tanzania will be a better place without them. In fact, their existence in this country is of no benefit even to their own dogs they rear at their homes as long as they do not adhere to the law.

The government has been too lenient with such unscrupulous crooks, and it is high time that their heads roll.

So many crooks are roaming our streets, be they business people, politicians or so called ordinary people who for a long time have been involving themselves in shoddy deals for personal aggrandizement. Their days are numbered and they have none to blame except themselves.

As long as their hands are dirty, then they shall continue ruffling feathers with the law, and prison will become their home. Meanwhile, Aluta continua, the str

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