Traffic lights, traffic police…choose


THEY say time waits for no one and the time lost is like water under the bridge--it will never be recovered. One common thing about successful people is how best they manage their time.

And, this includes playing around with numbers, maneuvering from one point to another, or from one task to the next, all depending on articulate time management.

But, in Dar es Salaam, the country’s commercial city where life relies on transactions and movements, time saving is a critical ingredient in the lives of over five million people.

The giant financial wheel that turns the economic status quo depends, to a large extent, on daily activities of individuals and organisations, with time being the central factor.

Saying this beautiful city is plagued by time wasting device called traffic jams is understatement. Traffic jams are to blame for hours wasted on daily basis on the roads full of smoking exhausts as drivers and passengers sit patiently, waiting on the jams.

Driving from Tegeta to Tazara, for example, can consume between two and three hours, translating into wastage of six hours in every working day, due to this madness called traffic jams.

We know and highly appreciate the good job by the men and women in white, but to a large extent, they exacerbate the problem on the city roads. The most notorious areas for crazy traffic jams include Mwenge and Ubungo, with simple survey indicating that when the traffic lights are man-handled, the situation turns mad.

One wonders whether the traffic lights on the roads are worth their investments in millions. For, regardless of whether or not they are operating like clockwork, the traffic police officer will be there to control the traffic flow….manually.

Former traffic police chief once came to their defense, saying that sometimes the officers in white are compelled to control the flow when there is a dignitary using the road.

But, frankly speaking, dignitaries are not always on the roads. It remains an open secret that when the traffic lights are permitted to control the flow, congestion on the roads eases and the time wasted on traffic jams is reduced.

There is no way, one lane of the city roads can have its traffic flow stopped for nearly an hour and expect things to remain okay...such miracles don’t happen in Dar es Salaam.

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