Illegal immigrants must pay for unlawful stay


A GROUP of Indian nationals, (16 of them), who have been working with Quality Group Limited illegally, escaped a threeyear jail term each when they paid fines amounting to 22m/-, on Tuesday.

They were convicted for several offences including violation of immigration laws. The accused were sentenced on their own plea of guilty to the charges, which also included possession of forged visas and engagement in occupation without requisite permits.

Indeed, the presence of unlawful immigrants in this country is not a new phenomenon. It is imperative to mention here that illegal immigrants are a pain in the neck in this country. The nation is downright tired about their escapades. Too many of them are already in our jails swelling the number of prisoners and exploiting our resources.

The tide of illegal immigrant arrivals is so huge the immigration officers have virtually failed to control them. Some come into this country to pursue economic prosperity. Others are smugglers of counterfeit goods.

And there are sheer opportunists who are keen on improving their tattered livelihoods. Most of these unwelcome aliens normally avoid going through the rigmarole of immigration procedures to evade either arrests or travel costs and the mandatory fees.

In some cases the aliens collude with locals including corrupt immigration officers and members of the Police Force. Unfortunately, some meet the ultimate ordeal in the course of travel in this country. A few years ago, 43 illegal migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia died in a sealed shipping container truck in which they were hiding on their way to Malawi, as survivors claimed.

Reporting the incident, an Ethiopian newspaper, the Sheger Tribune, said that “some 42 migrants have been found dead in the back of a truck in Tanzania. Tanzania’s Deputy Interior Minister Pereira Silima said they had come from Ethiopia and died from asphyxiation.

“Local officials said more than 120 people had been packed into the truck, which was headed for Malawi. Tanzania and Malawi have become key staging posts for people fleeing drought and conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia, and trying to reach South Africa.

” It is imperative to mention here that all sorts of illegal migrants must be prevented from entering Tanzanian territory. It is high time the State stemmed the rot. Tanzania is for indigenous Tanzanians. Illegal migrants and criminals must stay away.

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