‘I put all my professional and academic holdings to a blind trust!!!’

Jaffar Zein Mjasiri

THIS week I have to inform you my esteem readers who have been giving me inspiration and support to write my column every weekend that my column comes to an end. Coming to think of it, intellectual gratification was my primary goal. It was a platform that I was using to share some knowledge, readings and experiences.

May be I should also declare that the Uhuru Railway series have also wind up. May be, God willing, next year you will be reading some literature about the liberation railway. Thus stay tuned! But not to forget I also intended to challenge other editors in the newsrooms that one can remain to be an editor, but still engage in prolific writing. That is to say there is a professional consequence if experienced writers default their duties.

I thought of this Shakespeare’s play on “A pound of flesh” is a figurative way of referring to a harsh demand or spiteful penalty—the consequences of defaulting on a desperate bargain. Every time I was pushed to the wall to write as a journalist and academician, both when pursuing my graduate studies and performing my journalistic duties, it always came to my mind that what are the academic and professional consequences of defaulting on a desperate bargain.

I went to read this phrase again and again. “But the usurer Shylock demands a literal pound of flesh as security when the merchant Antonio comes to borrow money for a friend. It’s clear that the sensational bargain, with its hint of archetypal vengeance, fascinated its first audience as it fascinates us.

” So when I thought of pressing the Weekend Team at Tanzania Standard Newspapers, I mean reporters, to contribute articles on weekly basis it again came to my mind: “Shylock affirms that he is indeed serious, especially given his recent indignities at the hands of Christians.

“Hath not a Jew eyes?” he asks rhetorically; Jews suffer, bleed, and die just like Christians do, and are just as susceptible to the urge for revenge. With the extreme cruelty of Shylock the Jew towards the said merchant, in cutting a just pound of his flesh. . . .

” So, I never wanted to torment others to do what I cannot do. Hence I strived to become a prolific writer. But the secret of this success is based on exposing oneself, as much as you can, to education. As this is going to be my last piece on this magnificent newspaper, let me say goodbye.

I know that it is always difficult to serve two masters at a time, so I put all my academic and professional holdings to a blind trust. Enjoy Your Weekend!

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