We simply don’t understand evolution that’s why


WHENEVER people hear Evolution one common thing that comes into their mind is Once upon a time monkeys/Apes turned into Human gradually and so if that is true then why are monkeys or Chimpanzees not turning into human today?

Or why we don’t have an organism between a monkey and a human since they change gradually overtime. And so based on this kind of thinking most people simply draw a conclusion that Theory of Evolution is wrong and so Creation is more realistic explanation about our origin, but what about evidence?

Science is based on Logics, Reasoning and Evidence unlike Faith. To deny some parts of science because they don’t fit our imagination is to say some medical achievements, Science and technology we have today doesn’t really exist it is simply an illusion.

But Invention and Discovery is happening on the Shoulders of other people. Einstein’s work could have been much harder or different or never existed at all without Newton or other scientist contributions of which Einstein’s theory was based.

Similarly Darwin in 1850s gave us a general over view of his findings of which later generations of researchers has been supplementing it with evidence and much deeper explanation.

Technology or Science progress is a result of chain of small ideas and inventions/Discoveries throughout time linked together. I understand the confusion that Exist between Creation and Evolution. But what should we do if there is physical and logical evidence we can understand and feel and touch point our origin towards Evolution?

Evolution is not exclusive for human only it is much complicated than that. Evolution means all organisms Macro and Micro had one common origin, and through millions and millions of years, organism gradually change form organism as simple and small as bacteria to as complicated and big as elephant/Mammals.

Science has been attempting to understand the mystery of mysteries about the Origin of the Universe (Solar system) and life in it.

This article is not meant to complicate things. Rather to give society a correct explanation of Evolution and attempt to clear the misunderstanding that exists.

It’s incomplete to discuss evolution without citing the Book “Origin of Species by Means of natural selection by Charles Darwin Published 24th Nov 1859” The origin of Species was published in absence of technology and the understanding we have today.

Based on how organisms are adoptive to their environment Darwin figure out its clear that organisms are gradually changing or modified so as to cope with their environment for Survival. A Fox in Serengeti is not the same as the one in Arctic.

The one in Arctic has adaptations to cope with Cold weather. Differences between organism of the same species we call them variation. Variations are extremely important to ensure survival of same species in different conditions.

The wild life of the arctic (Frozen content) has different adaptation to the one in Savanna. Salt water fish have physiological differences compared to fresh waters to cope with extreme sea salinity Similarly to us human we have differences based or our geographical distribution (Physical/Mental) e.g. skin color, body shapes etc. .

Differences within same species we call them Variation. You can have a picture how environment can have influence on our physical appearance (Phenotype) and genetic makeup (Genotype). Back to our topic; to make things clear Monkeys/Apes we have today E.g. Chimpanzee had never turned into human.

We didn’t come from Monkeys or Chimpanzees. Except we share a common ancestor with Apes or monkeys if u like. That common ancestor looked more like a monkey/Chimpanzees as compare to us Human. But that organism (Monkey like) doesn’t exist today.

For simplicity it is generalized that our ancestor was once a monkey. And here is probably where confusion arose. Yes it isn’t funny when you are compared to a Chimpanzee. Considering the looks and how ugly they are to us, but let’s try having a deeper look in to these phenomena 1959 Zinjathropus (Australopithecus boisei) remains were found in Tanzania by Dr Leaky.

This Ape was neither a human nor a monkey it was calculated that it lived 2.3-1.2 million yrs. ago. In 1924 another fossil of different Ape (Australopithecus Africanus) was found in South Africa by Anthropologist Raymond Dart it was dated was dated to have lived around 3.3/2.1 million years Ago.

What is it that is more convincing to us, physical evidence or what we have to believe without material evidence? It’s my personal thought that it isn’t ok to come into conclusion out of our own ignorance and Imaginations on issues we don’t understand.

Evolution is happening extremely too slow for us to notice. Evolution time scale is in Millions of years while our average life span can be roughly 70 yrs. It is organism’s genetic material (DNA) that transmits information through generations.

To have tiny recognizable physical changes it may take too many generations. We have resemblance with our parents because were product of combination their genetic material (Inheritance). It is organisms DNA that changes overtime due to different factors includes Environmental factors, Genetic Mutation etcetc and so in the end influence our physiology, behavior’s etc etc.

In chapter one of Origin of Species, Variation under domestication I quote Darwin “But I strongly incline to suspect the most frequent cause of viability may be attributed to male and female reproductive elements” Darwin could have clearly use word DNA/Sperms instead of reproductive element but lack of much detailed understanding about genetics and reproduction during Darwin’s era didn’t inhibit from making such a correct suspicion Dr Richard Dawkin is evolutionary biologist know for several contribution in science and several Awards, One of his work is “Gene centered view of evolution” Since heritable information is passed from generation to generation almost exclusively by DNA, natural selection and evolution is good if Considered from Gene perspective.

In other words DrDawkin supplement Darwins theory of evolution with much detailed evidence that was not available in 1850s which makes evolution more of a fact than a theory.

Research shows that human share more that 98% of its DNA with African Apes such as Chimpanzees and Bonobos. Yet is this tiny margin that differentiates human from apes. This means we have most of the genes these apes have. But it is the most suitable gene that will influence our physiology under natural selection.

In very extremely rare case some unusual genes may act. For instance in India there cases of human to develop tails this from science perspective is considered as leftover from our ancestor (Evolution) who has similar gene.

7th October 2016 BBC reported a teenager in India who had its 20cm tail surgically removed after it grew too long to hide despite being worshiped as monkey God. So the family decides to go to hospital very late due to social stigma and superstition attached to it.

It’s my hope this article will ignite debate in the society to view thing from science perspective also and inspireour young generation into science. To ensure future of science.

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