Rid Tanzania of Fake news

Amby Lusekelo

VIVA la Tanzania! It has been a great week for Tanzania. From the images of a strong and recovering Singida East, Hon. Tundu Lissu to the mineral folks agreeing to pay a fine of $300 million to the government.

Granted it isn’t the $190 billion tax bill the government was demanding, let us not waste time with details. My grandmother always says that something is better than nothing. We are winning as a people.

I must say I have become an advocate for real news. Progressive news that inspires and enlightens and not that other stuff they say is the truth. Who wants the truth when the illusion is so much better? Now, imagine what all that $300 million will do for us- all of us and not just some of us as some people are speculating.

Again, I can’t stand party poopers who as soon as good news is shared, have something negative to spew. It is the same party poopers who attempted to rain on the parade that came with the images of Hon. Lissu sitting upright, smiling and holding a peace sign.

The images were later followed by a voice note encouraging peace, love and hope to the mwananchi.

Again, positivity. The Lord works in mysterious ways but in the wake of Nyerere Day, the Lord is shining his light on this country.

This is the type of stuff to get me all emotional. I almost feel like we are now on our way as a people. Good news breeds more good news and before you know it, there will be news of a real truce with traffic cops and then economic growth in-time for Christmas.

And Christmas might just come early for us this year as the recent visit from an Omani delegation showed. They arrived in style on a ship called the ‘Fulk Al Salamah’ which is normally used by the royal family.

The delegation consisted of ministers, deputy ministers and businessmen arrived in town this week and promised to strengthen ties. They will do so starting with state-of-the-art factory to produce fertilizer in Bagamoyo.

To be honest, all I could picture in my mind was Tanzanians owning various mini versions of the ‘Fulk Al Salamah’ after selling fertilizer in lands far and wide.

This is the type of stuff we want to hear about. This is the type of news we want out there and not all that other irrelevant and stressful stuff that is, as Trump would say, fake news.

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