Peas get three new markets after India ban


QUALITY Pulse Hyse has secured a new market for peas in United Arab Emirates, South Africa and United Kingdom.

The company, operating at Benjamin Mkapa Economic Zone, said already has inked a deal to export 800 tonnes to Dubai, of which 200 tonnes are processed for export. Quality Pulse Hyse Chief Executive Officer Mr George Ferrera said the firm currently was cleaning the factory and clearing the backlog before resuming buying from farmers.

“After India stopped buy ing peas we closed shop and stopped buying the crops from farmers for a while as we looked for other markets,” he said yesterday.

The firm, operating under Economic Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), said at the time India banned importing peas from the country it was stuck with almost 400 tonnes worth 500,000 US dollars (1.1bn/-).

“The peas will now be processed for the new export markets, as we wait for India to open their doors again,” Mr Ferrera said. The prices for peas plummeted from 12,000/- to 300/- per kilo after India stopped buying the crop following the increased of local production that bridged a deficit of five million tonnes.

The CEO said the government Tanzania and India are still in talks over lifting the ban to allow peas from Dar to enter Delhi. The firm said the new exporting market will not only benefit pea farmers but also green gram, sunflower, oilseed and lentils.

In August, India restricted imports of peas, which earlier was free, up to 200,000 tonnes. The move comes at a time when the price of the lentil in India plunged more than 60 per cent due to record production.

According to reports from New Delhi, the restriction will help support India prices but put pressure on producers such as Myanmar, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi which rely on exports to India.

India’s pigeon peas production jumped 80 per cent to 4.6 million tonnes in 2016/17.

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