Dar plans one stop centre for car business


DAR ES SALAAM is planning to establish a one stop centre for motor vehicle business in Kigamboni to streamline the business that is currently scattered in various parts of the city.

The regional government has banned issuance of motor vehicle business licences to be conducted at a different place apart from the envisaged centre. Real estate firm, Property International Limited, has already allocated 2,100-acres of land at Kisarawe II in Kigamboni District in the city.

The Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda, who received the earmarked area from the company yesterday, said the envisaged mega showroom will be operational effective early next year.

“Car business is not like selling tomatoes that you can just buy or sell anywhere. We must have well established system of doing this business. All business related to vehicles will be conducted at Kigamboni,” he said.  

RC Makonda said the centre will also have other services related to car business including Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) offices, insurance and spare parts, among others.

He noted further that all traders who will need to acquire a place for selling cars within the area will be given freely for three years after which they will be required to clear some minor rental fees. “The area is big enough to accommodate all people dealing with car business.

For the first three years, they will be offered a space here for free and they will only be required to meet fencing and other related costs..,” he noted. Property International Limited Executive Director Abdulhaleem Zahran said the area has been surveyed by his firm and is also big enough to accommodate industries and other social services.

“This place will have all relevant social services. The good thing is that it is easily accessible. We are going on with improving infrastructure including bridges and road networks,” he said.

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