Dar becomes a hotspot for Israeli tourists


SEVEN groups of tourists from Israel have booked to tour Tanzania of which two of them have already arrived, thanks to the government officials recent tour of Israel that promoted and marketed local tourism attractions.

In May, this year, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Aloyce Nzuki and Managing Director of Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB), Ms Devota Mdachi toured Israel in a bid to see how the two nations would collaborate in promoting tourist attractions.

TTB Tourism Information Officer Irene Mville said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the aftermath of the tour has opened a new chapter for tourism industry in the country as seven groups of tourists have booked to tour Tanzania from Israel.

She noted that, the day before yesterday, a second group of tourists from Israel made up of women arrived in the country, adding that yesterday they made a tour of various areas in Kigamboni District in Dar es Salaam including the Buyuni Village and other fishery areas.

“These tourists are guided by a tourist company dubbed- Sima Safari, they will be in the country for two weeks, they will tour many other destinations as you have seen today (yesterday) they have toured Kigamboni and seen many beautiful coastal scenes….,” she told journalists.

She added “Tonight (yesterday) they will sleep in the tents along the shoreline, the morning after they will visit villagers and chat with them and handing them various gifts, then they will proceed to Selous Game Reserve”.

Ms Mville further noted that the tourist have been attracted by the way in which Dar es Salaam beaches are long and easily accessed. “In their country (Israel) they have a special tourist company dealing with mobilisation and coordination of women tours around the global.

Despite the fact that they have ocean in their country too, they have never seen beautiful beaches like ours,” she said. One of the tourists, Ms Daphna Loebl said “It is my first time to tour Tanzania, I have been astonished by the heart soothing attraction I have seen so far, the people’s hospitality is wonderful and they like tourists so much.

I am not regretting choosing Tanzania as my destination, I’ve been heard of this island of peace and indeed it is, I will come again,” she said.

The leader of the group in question who is also the Deputy Director of Archives in Israel, Ms Ayelet Tamir said she was so much attracted by the faces of Dar es Salaam resident’s faces which have been full of smile and indication of heartfelt love to tourists.

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