Zanzibar to establish tailoring, shoe making factories


ZANZIBAR Minister of State, President Office, Regional Administration, Local Government and Special Forces, Mr Haji Omar Kheri said yesterday that the government is looking forward to construct a new tailoring and shoe factories for manufacturing of military uniforms.

According to the Minister, the plans for the construction of factories are set for the coming fiscal year.

The Minister told reporters in Unguja that the factories will enable the military to get uniform from local factories and thus get rid of making orders through private dealers. Last year, President John Magufuli ordered the military to stop ordering military gears from civilians companies.

He was speaking during his prompt visit at Ukonga Prison in Dar es Salaam. Yesterday, Mr Kheri said the government has already started the process for the construction of the factory and that installation of machines was also on the course.

The Minister, however, cautioned civilians from wearing army forces uniforms, stern measures announced to be taken to anyone who will disobey the law.

In another development, Mr Kheri revealed that his Ministry is finalizing the establishment of Security Agency, which among other duties will be required to guard tourists’ areas, government and public officers.

According to him, the agency will involve personnel with military training, adding the step intended to help defence forces units to focus in protecting the country’s boundaries and restoring peace and security.

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