Councils issue plans to end water woes


INCREASED investments in long term water development projects can call off water woes in the country, council directors have pointed out.

Mpanda Municipal Director Mr Michael Francis said at the technical orientation workshop on payment by results scheme for council directors in Morogoro yesterday that the government and development partners have been spending substantial amount of money in water projects but requirements were still overwhelming.

“The government is keen to end water problems but demand for water is still very high thus calling for concerted efforts of all stakeholders including donors compliment government initiatives in making water scarcity a history,” he said.

He said for example in Mpanda Municipal Council, over 50 per cent of the residents were accessing clean and safe water but the remaining number of people facing water woes is still very high.

He said there are various short and long term initiatives geared at ending the problem of water shortage in his municipal including the government and other stakeholders. He said the information gathered in the workshop has been significant with huge potential to establish and rehabilitate the water projects in the municipal and expand the coverage of water network to the next level.

“The funds disbursed by the Department For International Development (DFID), about 250bn/- in four years period from 2016 for establishing and rehabilitating water projects will lessen to the great extent the problem of water in the Mpanda Municipality and other rural areas.

On his part, the District Executive Director (DED) for Misungwi District Mr Eliud Mwaiteleke said the shortage of clean and safe water is still rampant in some areas and its around 50 per cent of the population in the district that access the precious liquid.

“I am convinced that after the completion of the mega government financed projects the problem of water shortage in the district will be history,” he said. He however underscored the need for the change of people’s mindset in owning and managing the water projects.

The Assistant Director in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Rural Water and Sanitation Ms Rita Kilua cautioned on the use of the water development funds from both government and development partners pointing out the need for the local government authorities and the people in the respective areas to own and manage the projects.

“The government and donors have been spending substantial amount of money in establishing water projects. But if there will be no reliable management of the water projects, the dream to end water woes will not be met,” she said.

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