Airtel supports WFP’s cash based transfers to refugees


AIRTEL Tanzania has introduced a new and easy Near- Field Communications (NFC) payment system for cash transfers that enables United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to transfer money to 10,000 refugees as part of a three month pilot programme at Nyarugusu refugee camp.

Under the pilot project, refugees now receive mobile money payments of 4.50 US dollars (TShs 10,000) twice a month for each household member. The cash is stored on each refugee’s Airtel Money Tap Tap card, an NFC based merchant payment system that is linked to an Airtel Money account.

The Tap Tap card offers an easy payment means without necessarily having a mobile phone at all times. It is a solution that enables refugees to conduct transactions quickly and easily by just tapping the card linked to their Airtel money account.

“The Tap Tap card combined with Airtel Money services offers a unique and practical way of conducting transactions that allows consumers and the host community to take advantage of today’s technological advances,” said Head of Airtel Money Services, Isack Nchunda.

“We are happy to see the new card facilitating food purchases and helping the livelihoods of refugees hosted in Tanzania.”

Upon receiving cash from the Tap Tap card, refugees will be able to purchase food at Nyarugusu Common Market which opened in 2016.

The market, located in the buffer zone between the camp and host community, provides traders a space to sell their produce to refugees.

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