Villagers kill family for allegedly robbing man


SOME irate residents of Igunga District in Tabora Region have allegedly clobbered some three suspected robbers to death after accusing them for attacking and robbing a man of his motorcycle and some money in the area.

The alleged thieves in Ncheli village, Sungwizi Ward in Igunga District, includes a man and his son.

Tabora Regional Police Commissioner (RPC) Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hamisi Selemani named the alleged three robbers who were killed as Nkuba Mwadi (55), Bundala Nkuba (35) and the third one whose age could not be established has also not been identified.

He said the alleged motorcycle as an exhibit is still in police custody at Igunga, adding that other suspects managed to escape.

Special Seats Councillor Sungwizi Ward, Ms Anjela Milei told the ‘Daily News’ that the alleged robbers attacked Mr Joseph Samwel, the Headmaster of Cheli Primary School in his home at around 11pm in the night on Friday, after breaking into his house through the door using a heavy sack full of stones commonly known as ‘Fatuma’ by thieves.

She said the thugs then descended on the headmaster with machetes and steel bars and in the process fractured his hands and left him unconscious.

“They then turned to his wife to provide them with the motorcycle’s key and money and she obeyed and gave them 150,000/- in cash,” she further pointed out.

Ms Milei said the thieves still felt unsatisfied and went on to gather other items like a TV set and other small things, all valued at 3.6m/- while not in a hurry.

However, in a show of solidarity shortly after they had left, the villagers split into two where one group decided to track the robbers down, while another rushed the headmaster to the Nkinga Referreal Hospital where he was admitted.

The Councilor said that the group pursuing the alleged robbers managed to catch up with one of them while still in possession of the suspected stolen motorcycle and TV set at Kaumbu village in Nanga Ward.

“When they tried to question him to also name others, he decided to attack them with his steel bar and that is when hell broke loose and they overpowered him, clobbering him with all sorts of weapons,” she further narrated.

She went on to say that the team continued with their trace and caught up with two other suspects who were a man and his son and killed them in the same way.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the Headmaster, Mr Samwel (44) appealed to the government beef up security in the school compound especially at night, otherwise the situation will scare off other teachers to quit the institution.

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