Men hate some things that women do

Tony Zakaria

THERE are plenty things that women hate when men do it and the men can admit to that. But today I want to put women on the line of fire for things that bother us.

For example, why does a woman watch football with her man when she clearly supports another team? I mean how many couples that support one team for example Arsenal? Many times you’ll find the wife is Arsenal and the husband is Manchester United or Barcelona fan.

Maybe this a case of opposites attract? Or they just do it to be different. The woman gleefully watches your team being walloped by who else but a small team in the league.

Lady, if you don’t like football it is okay. Go do something else and let me mourn my defeat in peace. Don’t rub it on my face.

Fake interest in my sport is not going to win you any relationship points. There’s something else we men find it difficult to understand. Why do women talk loudly when in the presence of company. Sometimes we wish there was a human remote with a volume button.

The same woman is quiet in the house. She speaks only when spoken to or maybe when she needs to. Let’s call this business communication.

Then you go out with her guy and sees somebody on the way. Suddenly she is shouting to catch the attention of Michelle or Don. Where is that coming from? Is it a coded message? Apply the short messaging service in the house and outside the house.

Talk to your man. Don’t reserve your energy for somebody you see on the road. If there is one thing we men really hate is how women take forever to get ready for any trip. It doesn’t matter you are going to meet the president or your mother-in-law.

Maybe you were invited to a wedding even a farewell party. Surprise, surprise, the woman can’t find her shoes. She has a walk-in wardrobe and yet she can’t find a dress to wear.

Do we need to put GPS on your shoes or maybe bring a fashion designer to choose for you? You take forever to get ready and we end up going late to an important function?

That’s a no-no. Having come out late, looking like a million bucks and smelling like a perfumery with heavy makeup. A man loves your natural appearance believe me, it is not for your makeup.

That is just for you to feel good about yourself. We don’t mind if you put on a T shirt and jeans you will still look fabulous. Being late may be fashionable but it is not a sign of love.

Another thing, why you spend so much time looking good only when you need to go out, but at home you are forever in baggy dresses, khanga, flip flops and curlers in your hair? We don’t wish visitors to mistake you for maid from new Nambia country.

Make an effort to look good at home too, not just when you need to go out. Is the shabby attire reserved for your better half? Saying it is fine when it is it is not at all, that’s not cool. We asked because we care. We want to know what is going on.

Is it too much effort to say what is bothering you? Believe it or not men cannot read your minds. And certainly do not possess the scanning abilities of MRI machines. Spit it out, we are big boys we can fix it. Some women like to payback on their men.

When you are in an item with a guy, you are no longer two people but one body. We expect you to treat that one body with love and tenderness. Please train your multitasking brain to accept that you are half of the relationship. Do not roast the other half alive.

You will end up hurting him and yourself for something that he did or failed to do. The men in your lives should get kickbacks from all the good deals you do instead of paybacks for what they fail to do.

Men cannot understand why the women in their lives find it so difficult to forgive the little things they do or the big things they failed to do. Many couples have visited friends and relatives at some point in their relationships and many men have few horror stories to tell about such visits.

One thing some men remember is when it is time to leave, suddenly the lady has a lot to talk about with the hostess. You have risen up to go and was bidding farewell to your host, a fellow man.

Jeez, you two men then discover the ladies are chatting away as if they’ve just met after a few years of forced separation. Where did the stories come from? And the stamina to keep talking? Look around.

Your men are standing there, sheepishly shifting from one leg to the other, trying to make sense of it all. We are men, a few words are more than enough for doing our goodbyes. What is it with girls? It’s not the only time you are meeting and by the way, you have phones.

Continue the conversation on the phone. End the chat now and head home. Tomorrow is another wife, I mean another day.

Any man will tell you silence is golden and he means it in a good way. Many men can be in the company of another man without having to say a lot of words and it is okay. There is no hostility.

When a woman is quiet in the house you know that something wrong. It is not a friendly gesture. She is giving you the cold treatment. Her ladyship the ice queen has decided to give you a dose of chills.

I tell you it is better to be locked in a walk-in meat freezer than to be in the same room with Ice-ice Baby.. Ladies, ice is better served with whisky and soda, not on a partner. Who are you reserving the hot , steamy treatment for?

No man likes to be treated like a stray dog in his own sanctuary. Think about it.

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